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1920 Journal of geography (Houston)  
HE best text ever published to interest the young child in the T study of geography. He is taken on imaginary journeys to his little brothers in foreign lands. The approach through the study of home geography and the delightful story method of introducing new subjects make the book unsurpassed for children in the early grades. It holds their interest. It gives them an excellent understanding of the basic facts. Moreover, the simple facts of physical and mathematical geography covered are just
more » ... ose that the child needs for his later geography work and they are presented clearly, simply, and in a way that appeals to little children, as only Mr. Frye can present them. BOO^ TWO of this notable new series will be published this spring GINN AND COMPANY 70 Fifth Avenue New York The World's Food Resources B y J. RUSSELL SMITH Professor in Cohmbia University arld recently consulting expert for the War Trade Board 634 pp. 8vo. Illustrated. $3.50 net. This book gives a bird's-eye view of the world-wide question, with a wealth of scientific detail about each kind of food. It discusses such questions as the future of man's meat supply, the means of increasing grain crops, the development of great untouched regions and the cultivation of new piants to yield men food, the conditions of successful dairy farming, poultry raising, stock farming, fruit culture, and market gardening. It gives a vivid account of the history and distribution of the main sources of food.
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