Traffic engineering of high-rate large-sized flows

Tian Jin, Chris Tracy, Malathi Veeraraghavan, Zhenzhen Yan
2013 2013 IEEE 14th International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR)  
High-rate large-sized (α) flows have adverse effects on delay-sensitive flows. Research-and-education network providers are interested in identifying such flows within their networks, and directing these flows to traffic-engineered QoScontrolled virtual circuits. To achieve this goal, a design is proposed for a hybrid network traffic engineering system (HNTES) that would run on an external server, gather NetFlow reports from routers, analyze these reports to identify α-flow source/destination
more » ... ource/destination address prefixes, configure firewall filter rules at ingress routers to extract future flows and redirect them to previously provisioned intra-domain virtual circuits. This paper presents an evaluation of this HNTES design using NetFlow reports collected over a 7-month period from four ESnet routers. Our analysis shows that had HNTES been deployed, it would have been highly effective, e.g., > 90% of α-bytes that arrived at the four routers over the 7-month period would have been redirected to virtual circuits. Design aspects such as whether to use /24 subnet IDs or /32 addresses in firewall filters, and which router interfaces' NetFlow reports to include in the HNTES analysis, are studied.
doi:10.1109/hpsr.2013.6602302 dblp:conf/hpsr/JinTVY13 fatcat:cn2uhpfwv5bm5ikkgh22bhmn6a