Spatial query processing in geographic database systems

Byungyeon Hwang, Taekyung Byun, Songchun Moon
Proceedings of Twentieth Euromicro Conference. System Architecture and Integration  
In this pupcar, we propose U spaliul q w r v languagt., called GSQL, to hurdle complex spatial olvects such us points, lines, rectangles, or polygons. To implemcvtt the ypatiul operutors such J S nearest, furthest, intersect, CO ver, adjacent-to, end-at, and distance. we present U two-phase query processing technique ionwting of a filter phase urd a refinement phase. The filter phase i s h u e d on spatial owe.$.\ methods. Howewr, the filter phase does not exactlv evtduate the query and yields
more » ... e query and yields U set of candtdate 0bJec.ts which muy Julfill the query condition. Therefore, the clindidate ObJeL'tS huve to be rrurnined in the rejinemenf phuse. This phase applie 5 complex algorithms used in rhe field of computationul geometry to the original spatial object7 und detect F uxuctlv those objecls fhdlyjulfilling the quem condition
doi:10.1109/eurmic.1994.390406 fatcat:626igtsxh5gsdhufleqjrnskmq