Security And Privacy Architecture

Petr Holub, Common Service IT
2016 Zenodo  
BBMRI-ERIC IT ecosystem deals with human material and data as the principal component and therefore the privacy by design paradigm is very important. Privacy protection comprises analysis of risks and design of countermeasures, such as appropriate use of privacyenhancing technologies and security measures. This document has been written as a Deliverable of the ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC project, describing risk analysis, architecture of BBMRI-ERIC IT services and how the security and privacy protection
more » ... built into those. It also reuses previous work on Security & Privacy Requirements published as a milestone of the BBMRI Competence Centre in the EGI-Engage project (EGI-Engage) project, which have been updated and included as an appendix to this deliverable.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.159444 fatcat:xeadlbuxbvg2lijwor5zzxvmwi