Fair Division of Mixed Divisible and Indivisible Goods [article]

Xiaohui Bei, Zihao Li, Jinyan Liu, Shengxin Liu, Xinhang Lu
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We study the problem of fair division when the resources contain both divisible and indivisible goods. Classic fairness notions such as envy-freeness (EF) and envy-freeness up to one good (EF1) cannot be directly applied to the mixed goods setting. In this work, we propose a new fairness notion envy-freeness for mixed goods (EFM), which is a direct generalization of both EF and EF1 to the mixed goods setting. We prove that an EFM allocation always exists for any number of agents. We also
more » ... efficient algorithms to compute an EFM allocation for two agents and for n agents with piecewise linear valuations over the divisible goods. Finally, we relax the envy-free requirement, instead asking for ϵ-envy-freeness for mixed goods (ϵ-EFM), and present an algorithm that finds an ϵ-EFM allocation in time polynomial in the number of agents, the number of indivisible goods, and 1/ϵ.
arXiv:1911.07048v2 fatcat:fxerxkqoovbdbiweo3c4yg7h7e