Cancer Stem Cells, Quo Vadis? The Notch Signaling Pathway in Tumor Initiation and Progression

Christian T. Meisel, Cristina Porcheri, Thimios A. Mitsiadis
2020 Cells  
The Notch signaling pathway regulates cell proliferation, cytodifferentiation and cell fate decisions in both embryonic and adult life. Several aspects of stem cell maintenance are dependent from the functionality and fine tuning of the Notch pathway. In cancer, Notch is specifically involved in preserving self-renewal and amplification of cancer stem cells, supporting the formation, spread and recurrence of the tumor. As the function of Notch signaling is context dependent, we here provide an
more » ... we here provide an overview of its activity in a variety of tumors, focusing mostly on its role in the maintenance of the undifferentiated subset of cancer cells. Finally, we analyze the potential of molecules of the Notch pathway as diagnostic and therapeutic tools against the various cancers.
doi:10.3390/cells9081879 pmid:32796631 fatcat:nffa5rffaven5lc7zx5dmwfiy4