MetaPhOrs 2.0: integrative, phylogeny-based inference of orthology and paralogy across the tree of life

Uciel Chorostecki, Manuel Molina, Leszek P Pryszcz, Toni Gabaldón
2020 Nucleic Acids Research  
Inferring homology relationships across genes in different species is a central task in comparative genomics. Therefore, a large number of resources and methods have been developed over the years. Some public databases include phylogenetic trees of homologous gene families which can be used to further differentiate homology relationships into orthology and paralogy. MetaPhOrs is a web server that integrates phylogenetic information from different sources to provide orthology and paralogy
more » ... nships based on a common phylogeny-based predictive algorithm and associated with a consistency-based confidence score. Here we describe the latest version of the web server which includes major new implementations and provides orthology and paralogy relationships derived from ∼8.2 million gene family trees—from 13 different source repositories across ∼4000 species with sequenced genomes. MetaPhOrs server is freely available, without registration, at
doi:10.1093/nar/gkaa282 pmid:32343307 fatcat:hkc5mjymwng4jpkeczmylztu6m