Gold Nanobipyramids as Second Near Infrared Optical Coherence Tomography Contrast Agents for Multiplexed In Vivo Lymphangiography [article]

Peng Si, Saba Shevidi, Edwin Yuan, Ke Yuan, Ziv Lautman, Stefanie S. Jeffrey, George W. Sledge, Adam de la Zerda
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Developing contrast-enhanced optical coherence tomography (OCT) techniques is important for specific imaging of tissue lesions, molecular imaging, cell-tracking, and highly sensitive microangiography and lymphangiography. Multiplexed OCT imaging in the second near infrared (NIR-II) window is highly desirable since it allows simultaneous imaging and tracking of multiple biological events in high resolution with deeper tissue penetration in vivo. Here we demonstrate that gold nanobipyramids can
more » ... anobipyramids can function as OCT multiplexing contrast agents, allowing the visualization of two separate lymphatic flows occurring simultaneously from different drainage basins into the same lymph node in a live mouse. Contrast-enhanced multiplexed lymphangiography of a melanoma tumor in vivo shows that the peritumoral lymphatic drainage upstream of the tumor is unidirectional, with some drainage directly into the tumor, but the lymphatic drainage from the tumor is multi-directional. We also demonstrate real-time tracking of the contrast agents draining from a melanoma tumor specifically to the sentinel lymph node of the tumor and the three-dimensional distribution of the contrast agents in the lymph node.
doi:10.1101/656744 fatcat:yi4gy6jvkbdzzo6salbymriski