First record of karyotype analysis in Anjak, Schizocypris altidorsalis (Bianco and Banarescu, 1982) from Hamoun Lake, Iran

Hedari Salkhordeh, Gharaei, Mirdar Harijani
2016 Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences   unpublished
The chromosomal spread and karyotype of Anjak (Schizocypris altidorsalis) from Hamoun Lake were determined using tissue squashing techniques with an injection of 1 mL/100 g body weight of 0.01% colchicines solution. Kidney and gill epithelia tissues were removed and used for karyotype analysis. The analysis of 145 chromosome spreads revealed the diploid chromosome number of this fish, 2n=48 and a fundamental arm number (FN) =88. The diploid complements comprised 12 metacentric pairs, 8
more » ... c pairs, 8 submetacentric pairs, 1 subtelocentric pair and 3 telocentric pairs (12m+8Sm+1St+3t). Total length of the haploid complement equaled 44µm with a range in the length of the shortest and longest chromosome between 0.76-2.78µm. The arm ratio and the centromeric index ranged between l.00-and 0-50 respectively. This is the first report on the chromosome number and karyotype of S. altidorsalis from the Hamoun Lake in Iran.