Prof. Riley on the Importation of the Hessian Fly into America and into England

1888 Scientific American  
Arriving in shoal water, tbe end of tbe new piece was Wagner bimself to have occurred in Germany in field attacbed to a buoy and put overboard. Then tbe old stnbble. It was more apt to occur, however, in straw .lable was grappled and cut as before and a new piece . kept dry and packed than in stubule or exposed straw, spliced to it. Then tbe ends of tbe two new pieces and is in keeping witb many otber similar cases of re were spliced togetber and the job was complete. It tarded developmeut in
more » ... ed developmeut in insects, some remarkable in had taken nearly two montbs to do it. , althougb in the stances of whicb he called attention to before the meantime two easier job� were attended to and a trip American Association for tbe Advancement of Science to Halifax, for provisions, was made, not to mention in 1881. It destroyed Hagen's main argument, ren
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01071888-10022asupp fatcat:tzvj5ji5hvd4fcrjhir7jm5svu