The Effects of L-Arginine (the Precursor of Nitric Oxide) and L-NAME (Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitor) on Coronary Angiogenesis in Normal Rats

Majid Khazaei, Mohammad Amin Moshayedi, Massoud Teimouri, Shahrzad Aghili, Saeed Montazeri, Roshanak Mehdipour, Fazolah Hashemzehi, Hourossadat Hashemi Jazi
2012 مجله دانشکده پزشکی اصفهان  
Nitric oxide (NO) has beneficial effects on cardiovascular system including improvement of angiogenesis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of L-arginine (the precursor of NO) and L-NG-nitroarginine methyl ester (L-NAME) (NO synthase inhibitor) on serum vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and coronary angiogenesis in normal rats. Methods: In this study, 18 male rats were randomly divided into 3 groups. Groups 1 and 2 received intraperitoneal L-NAME (10 mg/kg/day) and
more » ... ritoneal L-arginine (50 mg/kg/day), respectively. Group 3 (control) received normal saline with the same volume. After 3 weeks, blood samples were taken for measuring serum VEGF and NO concentrations. Coronary angiogenesis was also evaluated using immunohistochemistry method. Findings: Serum NO concentration in the control group was 6.45 ± 0.44 µmol/l. Serum NO concentrations were increased by administration of L-arginine (7.90 ± 0.75 vs. 6.45 ± 0.44 µmol/l) and decreased by administration of L-NAME (4.86 ± 0.40 vs. 6.45 ± 0.44 µmol/l). L-arginine significantly increased serum VEGF concentration (353.01 ± 7.03 vs. 100.50 ± 6.61 pg/ml; P < 0.05). L-arginine and L-NAME could not change capillary density in heart tissue. Conclusion: Although L-arginine could change some serum angiogenic factors, neither L-arginine nor L-NAME could alter coronary angiogenesis in normal rats.
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