Are all analogies created equal? Prefrontal cortical functioning may predict types of analogical reasoning

Evangelia G. Chrysikou, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill
2010 Cognitive Neuroscience  
Recent perspectives on the functional organization of frontal cortex highlight its ability to keep track of multiple independent dimensions in order to internally guide thought and action. Such an architecture is important for analogy making. Also, PFC may form abstract representations of the types of relations that will be useful for generating future analogies. However, these abstract PFC representations may be distinct from abstract representations stored elsewhere that form our store of
more » ... ntic knowledge. Abstract: The proposed theory can account for analogies based on learned relationships between elements in the source and target domains. However, its explanatory power regarding the discovery of new relationships during analogical reasoning is limited. We offer an alternative perspective for the role of PFC in analogical thought that may better address different types of analogical mappings.
doi:10.1080/17588921003763977 pmid:24168282 fatcat:27mg62l5ynh5fnkqg6x6scsrtu