Treatment of a Postoperative Iatrogenic Aneurysm Following Repeated Temporary Clipping Procedures and Pitfalls of the Angled Fenestrated Clip Application
Temporary clip部に発生したiatrogenic aneurysmの治療および直角型fenestrated clip使用時のpitfall

Takaomi UEMURA
1987 Surgery for Cerebral Stroke  
A postoperative iatrogenic aneurysm following repeated temporary clipping procedures at the same site is reported. Simultaneously pitfall of the angled fenestrated clip application to the intracranial internal carotid artery is mentioned. A 51-year-old female was involved in an SAH episode with severe headache. Her Hunt & Hess grade was II. Right CAG showed a right paraclinoid aneurysm, pointing in the medio-inferior direction. Surgery was carried out on March 19th, 1984. A right optic canal
more » ... ompression was made. During careful retraction of the right optic nerve premature rupture occurred. After temporary clipping of the proxymal internal carotid artery with a Sco-
doi:10.2335/scs1987.15.3_271 fatcat:bus5he4x3bb4ff6ny3ek7e2gu4