Dynamic Response of the Single-Layer Kiewitt-8 Reticulated Dome Subjected to the Airplane Crash

Li Lin, Feng Fan, Xu Dong Zhi, Hong Feng Yin
2014 Research Journal of Applied Sciences Engineering and Technology  
Aiming to investigate the dynamic response of the single-layer Kiewitt-8 reticulated dome subjected to the airplane crash, events of aircraft impact to the single-layer kiewitt-8 reticulated dome were simulated by using the 3D ANSYS/LS-DYNA. Impact loadings were carried out respectively by the Riera force history method and by modeling a real plane similar to Bombardier Challenger 850. Simulation results indicated that the impact by modeling a real plane directly is more reasonable than the
more » ... onable than the method by Riera force history. Furthermore, a series of different impact events were added to investigate the effect of impact position and the flight attitude of the airplane. It was found that at a certain initial condition, the impact position and the flight attitude can change the damage mode of the dome structure. Keywords: Finite element model of a small airplane, riera force history, single-layer kiewitt-8 reticulated dome
doi:10.19026/rjaset.7.353 fatcat:2bkk7ijbrvf5dhigjoossowccy