Dynamics of Nonlinear Primary Oscillator with Nonlinear Energy Sink under Harmonic Excitation: Effects of Nonlinear Stiffness

Min Sun, Jianen Chen
2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
The dynamics of a system consisting of a nonlinear primary oscillator, subjected to a harmonic external force, and a nonlinear energy sink (NES) are investigated. The analytical solutions for the steady-state responses are obtained by the complexification-averaging method and the analytical model is confirmed by numerical simulations. The results indicate that the introduction of the NES can effectively suppress the vibrations of the primary oscillator. However, as the excitation amplitude
more » ... tion amplitude increased, the NES may lose its efficiency within certain frequency range due to the appearance of the high response branches. Following the results analysis, it is concluded that this failure can be eliminated by reducing the nonlinear stiffness of the NES properly. The effects of nonlinear stiffness of the primary oscillator on the corresponding responses are also studied. The increase in this nonlinear stiffness can reduce the response amplitude and alter the frequency band where the high branches exist.
doi:10.1155/2018/5693618 fatcat:w5ubbed345b6xgftm4vy2rtvqy