Species Checklist and Preliminary Key to Species of Antistrophus (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) Reared from Galls

Louis Nastasi
Identification of insects and other arthropods is essential to properly determining their biology and natural history. Antistrophus gall wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Aulacideini) are no exception; however, the current taxonomy of the genus is greatly muddled, and the first step in repairing the existing structure of the genus is determining how the known species (and undescribed species) can be differentiated. I herein present a checklist of Antistrophus and a preliminary dichotomous key to
more » ... e species, including a number of undescribed species. Characters in the key are selected to enable simple and easy identification wherever possible in order to reduce taxonomic expertise required for use.
doi:10.26207/0n3h-q643 fatcat:xe7gk5mugbdyliydvlswruepg4