Studies of Neuronal Gene Regulation Controlling the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Neural Plasticity

Mamoru Fukuchi
2017 Yakugaku zasshi  
The regulation of the development and function of the nervous system is not preprogramed but responds to environmental stimuli to change neural development and function ‰exibly. This neural plasticity is a characteristic property of the nervous system. For example, strong synaptic activation evoked by environmental stimuli leads to changes in synaptic functions (known as synaptic plasticity). Long-lasting synaptic plasticity is one of the molecular mechanisms underlying long-term learning and
more » ... mory. Since discovering the role of the transcription factor cAMP-response element-binding protein in learning and memory, it has been widely accepted that gene regulation in neurons contributes to long-lasting changes in neural functions. However, it remains unclear how synaptic activation is converted into gene regulation that results in long-lasting neural functions like long-term memory. We continue to address this question. This review introduces our recentˆndings on the gene regulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and discusses how regulation of the gene participates in long-lasting changes in neural functions.
doi:10.1248/yakushi.17-00107 pmid:28867697 fatcat:wg7mjrhk7ne6zacc7v3teuybjq