Biased Multistage Inter connection Network in Multiprocessor System
다중프로세서 시스템에서 편향된 다단계 상호연결망

Chang-Hoon Choi
2011 Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society  
There has been a lot of researches to develop techniques that provide redundant paths, there by making Multistage Interconnection Networks(MINs) fault tolerant. So far, the redundant paths in MINs have been realized by adding additional hardware such as extra stages or duplicated data links. This paper presents a new MIN topology called Hierarchical MIN. The proposed MIN is constructed with 2.5N-4 switching elements, which are much fewer than that of the classical MINs. Even though there are
more » ... er hardware than the classical MINs, the HMIN possesses the property of full access and also provides alternative paths for the fault tolerant. Furthermore, since there is the short cut in HMIN for the localized communication, it takes advantage of exploiting the locality of reference in multiprocessor systems. Its performance under varying degrees of localized communication is analysed and simulated. 요 약 다단계 상호 연결망(MIN)에 중복 경로를 제공하여 오류를 허용하는 기술을 개발하기 위하여 많은 연구가
doi:10.5762/kais.2011.12.4.1889 fatcat:yixizk3vjjf6dcb6ghjsnjaaii