Crossover region between nodal and antinodal states at the Fermi level of optimally doped and overdopedBi2Sr1.6Nd0.4CuO6+δ

D. R. Garcia, J. Graf, C. Jozwiak, C. G. Hwang, H. Eisaki, A. Lanzara
2010 Physical Review B  
We have studied Bi_2Sr_1.6Nd_0.4CuO_6+δ using Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy in the optimal and overdoped regions of the phase diagram. We identify a narrow crossover region in the electronic structure between the nodal and antinodal regions associated with the deviation from a pure d-wave gap function, an abrupt increase of the quasiparticle lifetime, the formation of Fermi arcs above T_c, and a sudden shift of the bosonic mode energy from higher energy, ∼60meV, near the nodal
more » ... ion, to lower energy, ∼20meV, near the antinodal direction. Our work underscores the importance of a unique crossover region in the momentum space near E_F for the single layered cuprates, between the nodal and antinodal points, that is independent of the antiferromagnetic zone boundary.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.81.184527 fatcat:q5siiuffeverpcdskmch35dtw4