Approximate transient analysis for subclasses of deterministic and stochastic Petri nets

Gianfranco Ciardo, Guangzhi Li
1999 Performance evaluation (Print)  
Transient analysis of non-Markovian Stochastic Petri nets is a theoretically interesting and practically important problem. In this paper, we first present a method to compute bounds and an approximation on the average state sojourn times for a subclass of deterministic and stochastic Petri nets (DSPNs) where there is a single persistent deterministic transition that can become enabled only in a special state. Then, we extend this class by allowing the transition to become enabled in any state,
more » ... as long as the time between successive enablings of the deterministic transition is independent of this state, and develop a new approximate transient analysis approach. In addition to renewal theory, we only make use of discrete and continuous Markov chain concepts. As an application, we use the model of a finite-capacity queue with a server subject to breakdowns, and assess the quality of our approximations.
doi:10.1016/s0166-5316(99)00007-3 fatcat:fefamcuvwbbtpid5epnmphpsrq