Mutual Friction in a Cold Color-Flavor-Locked Superfluid andr-Mode Instabilities in Compact Stars

Massimo Mannarelli, Cristina Manuel, Basil A. Sa'd
2008 Physical Review Letters  
Dissipative processes acting in rotating neutron stars are essential in preventing the growth of the r-mode instability. We estimate the damping time of r-modes of an hypothetical compact quark star made up by color flavor locked quark matter at a temperature T ≲ 0.01 MeV. The dissipation that we consider is due to the the mutual friction force between the normal and the superfluid component arising from the elastic scattering of phonons with quantized vortices. This process is the dominant one
more » ... for temperatures T ≲ 0.01 MeV where the mean free path of phonons due to their self-interactions is larger than the radius of the star and they can be described as an ideal bosonic gas. We find that r-modes oscillations are efficiently damped by this mechanism for pulsars rotating at frequencies of the order of 1 Hz at most. Our analysis rules out the possibility that cold pulsars rotating at higher frequencies are entirely made up by color flavor locked quark matter.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.101.241101 pmid:19113610 fatcat:liotmjfbyff25bhhci7qgxykiu