Development of a New Stoichiometric Equilibrium-Based Model for Wood Chips and Mixed Paper Wastes Gasification by ASPEN Plus

Sahar Safarianbana, Runar Unnthorsson, Christiaan Richter
2019 Volume 6: Energy   unpublished
Wood and paper residues are usually processed as wastes, but they can also be used to produce electrical and thermal energy through processes of thermochemical conversion of gasification. This study proposes a new steady state simulation model for down draft waste biomass gasification developed using the commercial software Aspen Plus for optimization of the gasifier performance. The model was validated by comparison with experimental data obtained from six different operation conditions. This
more » ... n conditions. This model is used for analysis of gasification performance of wood chips and mixed paper wastes. The operating parameters of temperature and moisture content (MC) have been varied over wide range and their effect on the high heating value (HHV) of syngas and cold gas efficiency (CGE) were investigated. The results show that increasing the temperature improves the gasifier performance and it increases the production of CO and H2 which leads to higher LHV and CGE. However, an increase in moisture content reduces gasifier performance and results in low CGE.
doi:10.1115/imece2019-10586 fatcat:cnkixpwtfffhfjregi4tcapebq