Türk Dünyası Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi Yenidoğan Dergisi

The prematurity as a developmental impairment, is a reasoning for some disabilities, causing handicaps. Therefore, the principles of medical approach to the preterm and the disabilities for protection to handicap is indicated as concepts. Grounding Aspects: The Human Rights and Disability Acts, National and Universal articles are also taken as grounding of this notions. Each person as a member of Homo sapiens, sapiens are same, no discrimination in any matter is accepted, all are illegal.
more » ... dually everyone is unique and free, by sole characteristics, From the cellular point of view, have potential to be a human being, therefore, respect have to be considered. After the viability phase, the protection and caring of the right to life is obligatory. Live birth means to gin all the legal right of citizenship, earn the heir. Medical considerations are not only for physical health, to be other aspects are to be included, thus, human is a whole, confirming the social and cultural standpoint. Life is process until passing out. Physicians and all the medical staff have to be concerned the human for respect and honor, not giving guaranties to be health they have done. Act by the scientific evidences, for ethical conducts and make empathy approach, by their mind and take all the responsibilities, what by they have done. unhuman applications are all illegal. For healthy, precautions and early checkup procedures are needed, especially for preterm and impaired and disabilities for protection of handicap. Economy aspects and quality of life considerations are not indicated for the medical appliances. For medical procedures, especially for preterm, impaired and disabilities infants are; a) Realistic and exact configuration of the problem, b) Assessment of the treatment of medical applications, c) improvement, the result of the approaches, d) day to day consideration, by growth and development of the infants.