Prediction of Specific Noise Based on Internal Flow of Forward Curved Fan

Soichi Sasaki, Hidechito Hayashi, Makoto Hatakeyama
2009 International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems  
In this study, a prediction theory for specific noise that is the overall characteristic of the fan has been proposed. This theory is based on total pressure prediction and broadband noise prediction. The specific noises of two forward curved fans with different number of blades were predicted. The flow around the impeller having 120 blades (MF120) was more biased at a certain positions than the impeller with 40 blades (MF40). An effective domain of the energy conversion of MF40 has extended
more » ... rall than MF120. The total pressure was affected by the slip factor and pressure loss caused by the vortex flow. The suppression of a major pressure drop by the vortex flow and expansion of the effective domain for energy conversion contributed to an increase in the total pressure of MF40 at the design point. The position of maximum relative velocity was different for each fan. The relative velocity of MF120 was less than that of MF40 due to the deviation angle. The specific noise of MF120 was 2.7 dB less than that of MF40 due to the difference in internal flow. It has been quantitatively estimated that the deceleration in the relative velocity contributed to the improvement in the overall performance.
doi:10.5293/ijfms.2009.2.1.080 fatcat:l7acvaymhfhzvefjasa6lqhvoa