The Processes of Application of Law and the Decision Making in Mediation Process
Proces stosowania prawa a mediacyjny proces decyzyjny

Marzena Myślińska
2015 Studia Iuridica Lublinensia  
Mediation is treated in many contemporary legal proceedings as a part of decision making process, also in the processes of application of law. The main question stated in the article concerns the separate nature of the mediation, uncomparable to the traditional view of the application of law. Is the mediation procedure only a specific and unnecessary part of the application of law process, or the distinct and necessary decision making unit which may replace the traditional, authoritative model
more » ... uthoritative model of the application of law?
doi:10.17951/sil.2015.24.2.115 fatcat:tlotr4tw35cftolg3urqy3rzke