Special Issue: Human–computer interaction in engineering contexts

2002 Artificial intelligence for engineering design, analysis and manufacturing  
Although the human-computer interaction~HCI! community has been active for several years, very little attention has been devoted to supporting engineers. Engineers are unique computer users with particular needs. They are familiar with fields such as applied mathematics, applied sciences, simulation, project management, technical drawing, and design, as well as engineering law and economics. The nature of the engineering design process means that engineers usually operate within changing
more » ... ments. Uncertainty relating to incomplete information adds to the complexity of the process especially since the engineer is legally responsible for decisions. The intention of this Special Issue is to explore aspects of HCI within engineering contexts. Our objectives include improving the understanding of the requirements of engineers when they are engaged in a variety of day to day tasks. Such tasks may include design, integration and collaboration, fabrication, construction, evaluation, monitoring, repair, and control. Within this context, it has been assumed that the term HCI is not restricted to "front-end" issues. HCI also embraces complex concepts relating to information generation, representation, processing, and knowledge capture. Such activities, of course, rely upon appropriate data representation, visualization, and other state of the art interface aspects. The purpose of the Special Issue is to capture this larger picture in the form of a set of high-quality complementary papers and thus broaden the general perception of HCI. Included are themes, methods, and techniques relating to knowledge capture, the representation of engineering knowledge, the support of engineering tasks, proactive and passive support, solution navigation, and interface evaluations. Of particular interest is the development of HCI techniques
doi:10.1017/s0890060402163013 fatcat:jlojazzr7rapjfkp2x3vsf4dfm