23 Things Revisited: Participant Perceptions of a Staff Development Program over a Year Later

Christine Neilson, St Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Canada Ontario, Rachel Sofoifa, Sarjeant-Jenkins
2015 The International Journal of the SLA Academic Division   unpublished
23 Things programs have been used around the world to help educate library workers about web 2.0 applications. This paper describes the results of two feedback surveys for a 23 Things program that was offered to library employees at the University of Saskatchewan: the first survey, conducted at the time of program completion, and a follow-up survey, conducted a year and a half later to assess whether participants were applying what they learned in the program, and, if so, how. Generally
more » ... , respondents indicated that the program was beneficial, and all but three of the respondents from the second survey had applied some of what they learned through the program, either personally or professionally. Despite being an independent learning activity, social aspects that arose organically as participants worked their way through the program seemed to be valued by program participants as much as the newly acquired knowledge from the lessons. In addition to the flexibility of completing the lessons at a convenient time and place, the semi-facilitated format was key to the program's success. Organizations that wish to transition long-time employees from the print-based working world to the digital world should consider making 23 Things-style learning opportunities a regular part of their staff development activities.