Corn yield response to weed and fall armyworm controls

M.S. Lima, P.S.L. Silva, O.F. Oliveira, K.M.B. Silva, F.C.L. Freitas
2010 Planta Daninha  
The interference imposed the by weeds on corn decreases practically all vegetative characteristics. As consequence, the green ear and grain yield are also reduced. Losses due to the fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) attack can reduce corn grain yield up to 34%. In general, weed and insect control issues are addressed separately in research papers. Nevertheless, interaction between weeds and insects may exist. This study aimed to evaluate green ear and corn grain yield response to weed and
more » ... ponse to weed and fall armyworm control. A completely randomized block design with split-plots and five replicates was adopted. Corn cultivar AG 1051 was grown under weedy conditions or with control by hand hoeings performed at 20 and 40 days after planting. Fall armyworm control (applied to subplots) was performed with sprays of water (control), deltamethrin (5g active ingredient ha-1); neem oil, at 0.5% (diluted in water), and neem leaf extract at 5%. Each product was sprayed three times, at seven-day intervals, starting at the 7th day after planting, using 150 L ha-1 of the tank solution. Dry mass of the above-ground part, internode diameter, leaf length, leaf width, leaf area, green ear yield and grain yield of corn were reduced due to the lack of weed control. Fall armyworm control in the weeded plots did not influence green ear yield and grain yield, except green mass of marketable, husked ears, which was reduced when the caterpillar was not controlled. Without weed control, neem extracts and deltamethrin sprays provided highest yields of number and total weight of green ears with husks, number and weight of marketable ears with husks and number of marketable ears without husks. The best results for husked ear mass and for grain yield were obtained with neem extract and deltamethrin, respectively.
doi:10.1590/s0100-83582010000100013 fatcat:tfdyk5qcobg3lf7yxlz2pzwhou