Contourlet-1.3 Texture Retrieval Using Absolute Mean Energy and Kurtosis Features

Xin Wu Chen, Li Wei Liu
2011 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
To improve the texture image retrieval rate of contourlet texture image retrieval system, a contourlet-1.3 transform based texture image retrieval system was proposed. In the system, the contourlet transform was contourlet-1.3, a new version of the original contourlet, sub-bands absolute mean energy and kurtosis in each contourlet-1.3 sub-band were cascaded to form feature vectors, and the similarity metric was Canberra distance. Experimental results on 109 brodatz texture images show that
more » ... ages show that using the features cascaded by absolute mean energy and kurtosis can lead to a higher retrieval rate than the combination of standard deviation and absolute mean energy which is most commonly used today under same dimension of feature vectors. Contourlet-1.3 transform based image retrieval system is superior to those of the original contourlet, non-subsampled contourlet and contourlet-2.3 systems under same system structure with same dimension of feature vectors, retrieval time and memory needed.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:irfeu3zjdjcsbdhsnwb5wslgri