Evaluation of annual performance of a photovoltaic thermal system integrated with natural zeolites

Canan Kandilli, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Usak University, Mert Uzel, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Usak University
2020 Research on Engineering Structures and Materials  
Photovoltaic thermal systems (PVT) produces both electricity and thermal energy by the same module. However, solar energy exhibits non-continuous character, and causes some problems for obtaining stabile energy due to its unsteady regime. Thermal energy storage systems could be employed as a solution the mentioned problems. There are no studies in the literature regarding evaluation of the annual performance of PVT systems integrated with natural zeolites. It is the motivation behind of the
more » ... ent study. Natural zeolites could be utilized for thermal storage and management with PVT systems. In this study, it is aimed to performed annual performance of the PVT system integrated with natural zeolite as a thermal storage material to manage the excessive heat on PV. Average overall energy efficiency values were found as 0.56; 0.54; 0.49; 0.49; 0.48; 0.46; 0.45; 0.46; 0.50; 0.53; 0.54 and 0.56 from January to December, respectively. Annual total overall energy produced by the PVT system integrated with natural zeolite was found as 1294.88 kWh/year per module. Annual saving per module is reached as 117.83 € per module. With the acceptance of the system cost of 942.8 €, simple payback period is approximately 8 years. This payback time, which is found on a single module, will surely decrease at higher installed powers.
doi:10.17515/resm2020.200en0618 fatcat:2cxj5xyesbaqbii6fvufi74lpa