The Optics of the Low Energy FFAG Cell of the eRHIC Collider Using Realistic Fields

Nicholaos Tsoupas, Stephen Brooks, Animesh Jain, George Mahler, Francois Méot, Vadim Ptitsyn, Michael Severance, Dejan Trbojevic, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Belomestnykh, Sergey (Ed.), Hoffman, Caitlin M. (Ed.)
The proposed eRHIC [1] accelerator accelerates the electron bunches to a maximum energy of 21.2 GeV. This is accomplished by the use of an 1.3 GeV Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) and two FFAG arcs which recirculate the electron bunches 16 times through the (ERL) to achieve the top energy of 21.2 GeV to collide with the hadron beam. After the interaction the e-bunches decelerate down to injection energy of 12 MeV and are sent to the beam dump. In this talk we will discuss the 3D electromagnetic
more » ... lectromagnetic field calculations and the beam optics of the low energy FFAG cell using realistic field maps obtained from the 3d OPERA [2] calculations.
doi:10.18429/jacow-erl2015-weidlh1002 fatcat:xjmrtjyuvje4bfblszhcecohvy