Analysis on Genes Expressed during Photomorphogenesis of the Fruiting Bodies in Pholiota nameko

Kaori SAKAMOTO, Katsunori JINNO, Koji SASAKI, Hidehiko NOGAMI, Norimitsu FURUSAWA, Toshio OGAWA, Junji HIRAMA, Toshio MIYAMOTO
2005 Shokubutsu Kankyo Kogaku  
Light is required for formation of fruiting bodies in many Basidiomy cetes. Action spectrum studies of fruiting-body formation in some Basidiomy cete species have shown that blue light is required for formation and maturation of the fruiting bodies. However,details at the molecular level of light perception in Basidiomy cetes are mostly unknown. In this study, the genes expressed in the early and late stages of fruiting-body formation of Pholiota nameko were addressed in order to investigate
more » ... relationship between photomorphogenesis and light-regulated gene expression in the Basidiomy cete. Diff erential display RT -PCR showed similar,but not identical profi les of genes expressed in the fruiting bodies grown under diff erent light conditions. This result suggests that the expression of only a small number of genes is regulated by light. The cDNAs,which diff ered in their levels between the samples,were sequenced. Two of the cDNAs,expressed in light-grown fruiting bodies at the early stage of formation encoded the cell division control (CDC)proteins 5 and 6. RT-PCR analysis of the cdc5 homolog ( Pncdc5)showed that Pncdc5 mRNA was present in the fruiting bodies grown under a fl uorescent lamp or blue LED illumination but not in the fruiting bodies grown under red LED illumination or in darkness. This result represents the fi rst demonstration that the expression of the cdc5 gene is regulated by blue light. The other cDNAs were found to encode genes involved in primary cellular functions,i.e. metabolism,cell structure and protein synthesis/ degradation. These results suggest that these gene products may aff ect
doi:10.2525/shita.17.3 fatcat:v4s4cmeqb5aapkruemybpa6f44