P-22 グルコース濃度と水熱分解反応熱の関係(超臨界水・水熱,Poster Session)
P-22 Relationship between Glucose Concentration and Heat of Reaction for its Hydrothermal Decomposition

Hiroyuki HIRATA, Yukihiko MATSUMURA
2014 Proceedings of the Conference on Biomass Science  
It is important to determine the heat of reaction fbr sub 面 tical water chemical pmcesses . However, measurement of heat of reaction has not been conduCted under hydrotherma1 condition . The purpose of this study is to mea8ure the heat of chemical reaction under hydlothermal condition with residence time. The reactor is an insulated tubular reactOr of stainless steel . Glucose was decomposed in sub 面 缸cal water , and temperatures on flow are measured so that the heats of reaction along the 且ow
more » ... re determ血ed . The reaction is conducted at 350 ・ C and 23 MPa fbr the glucose ooncentration of
doi:10.20550/jiebiomassronbun.9.0_96 fatcat:gdnatx2ovnfc5o33kn2r4k25le