Author response: Topographic gradients of intrinsic dynamics across neocortex [peer_review]

Golia Shafiei, Ross D Markello, Reinder Vos de Wael, Boris C Bernhardt, Ben D Fulcher, Bratislav Misic
2020 unpublished
The intrinsic dynamics of neuronal populations are shaped by both microscale attributes and macroscale connectome architecture. Here we comprehensively characterize the rich temporal patterns of neural activity throughout the human brain. Applying massive temporal feature extraction to regional haemodynamic activity, we systematically estimate over 6000 statistical properties of individual brain regions' time-series across the neocortex. We identify two robust spatial gradients of intrinsic
more » ... ts of intrinsic dynamics, one spanning a ventromedial-dorsolateral axis and dominated by measures of signal autocorrelation, and the other spanning a unimodal-transmodal axis and dominated by measures of dynamic range. These gradients reflect spatial patterns of gene expression, intracortical myelin and cortical thickness, as well as structural and functional network embedding. Importantly, these gradients are correlated with patterns of meta-analytic functional activation, differentiating cognitive versus affective processing and sensory versus higher-order cognitive processing. Altogether, these findings demonstrate a link between microscale and macroscale architecture, intrinsic dynamics, and cognition. Shafiei et al. eLife 2020;9:e62116.
doi:10.7554/elife.62116.sa2 fatcat:vla6zc5qw5aa3oxz2c3t5pgt6q