Jungian Theory of the Collective Unconsciousness in the Light of Quantum Psychology

Adam Adamski, Bohdan Borowik
2014 Online] Cross-Cultural Communication   unpublished
From a biological point of view, a human being is an open system and cannot be considered in isolation from their surroundings, as together with their surroundings they constitute the one whole. Between the individual and their surroundings there is a continuous exchange of information, energy and matter. A person should be treated not only as a single system, but also as a system composed of a whole series of subsystems, between which there is a lot of feedback. The whole world constitutes a
more » ... ity since all processes taking place in it are interrelated and mutually influence one another, focusing all the power and influence coming from the space that are so strong that they cannot be omitted. The material can be used to run bioelectronic processes that are essential for every organism to function properly. A living organism can be recognized as a complex electronic device, analogous to the technical devices, and biological materials (proteins, DNA, RNA) which are as structural components in electronic devices. This is the basis to establish the thesis that a biological system can act as a quantum computer, functioning on the basis of entangled quantum states and optoelectronic phenomena.