Different functional networks underlying human walking with pulling force fields acting in forward or backward directions [post]

Tetsuya Ogawa, Hiroki Obata, Hikaru Yokoyama, Noritaka Kawashima, Kimitaka Nakazawa
2022 unpublished
Walking with pulling force fields acting at the body center of mass (in the forward or backward directions) is compatible with inclined walking and is used in clinical practice for gait training. From the perspective of known differences in the motor strategies that underlie walking with the respective force fields, the present study elucidated whether the adaptation acquired by walking on a split-belt treadmill with either one of the force fields affects subsequent walking in other directions.
more » ... Walking with the force field induced an adaptive and de-adaptive behavior of the subjects, with the aspect evident in the anterior breaking and posterior propulsive impulses of the ground reaction force as parameters. In the parameters, the adaptation acquired during walking with a force field acting in one direction was transferred to that in the opposite direction only partially. Furthermore, the adaptation that occurred while walking in a force field in one direction was rarely washed out by subsequent walking in a force field in the opposite direction and thus was maintained independently of the other. These results demonstrated possible independence in the neural functional networks capable of controlling walking in each movement task with an opposing force field.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-1644683/v1 fatcat:yer6tdducrgdxdtvynjvsz7afe