Yellow Fever of 1873, in Shreveport, la

1874 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
out of the wound, there was found lying on the femoral artery, just as it entered Hunter's canal to pass from the front to the back of the thigh, a ruptured aneurisinal sac, displaying well-defined layers. This being removed, the wall of the artery was found open on its lower and inner aspect, the opening being a third of an inch long and a sixteenth of an inch broad. The artery naving been separated from its sheath, a ligature was applied on each side of the aneurisinal opening. Dr. Thorndike
more » ... ing. Dr. Thorndike said that the sequence of symptoms was now quite plain. The bullet grazed, without rupturing, the artery. This was followed, in two days, by sloughing of the arterial wall and the formation of an aneurism. The aneurisinal sac, in turn, gave way, in consequence, possibly, of some over-excrtion, and a diffused aneurism resulted. Other cases, not reported in detail, were Tenotomy of tho Tcndo-Achillis, in an adult, to relieve contraction following a compound fracture of the ankle-Suppurating Bubo, freely incised; Onyclna of ring finger, in a child, treated by removal of the nail and of the matrix. On Tuesday, January 27th, Dr. Chcevcr performed an operation for an
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