Existence and Uniqueness of Edge Waves in a Generally Anisotropic Elastic Plate

Y. B. Fu
2003 Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics  
We study flexural edge waves propagating along the edge of a semi-infinite, generally anisotropic elastic plate. It is assumed that the plate is described by the classical plate theory and its mid-plane is a plane of material symmetry. We define an edgeimpedance matrix M (v) in terms of which the secular equation determining the edgewave speed v may be written as detM (v) = 0. Some properties of M (v) are established and are used to show that whenever an edge wave exists it is unique. A simple
more » ... s unique. A simple procedure is proposed that can be used to test the existence of edge waves and to compute the edge-wave speed.
doi:10.1093/qjmam/56.4.605 fatcat:wb53f6a3mfd57jmpyeabehjvyi