A STUDY ON BUILDING ON THE "SYOUSHI" (A SMALL SHRINE) AND ITS BACKGROUND : A study on the "Syoushi" Part 2 Through the architectural examination of shrines and temples in Inagi-city, Tokyo
「小祠」の建立とその背景 : 「小祠」の研究(下)東京都稲城市の社寺建築調査から

1997 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
Thls study discusses the architecture of the 凵 Syoushi " ( a smaH sh τ ine) . That followlng beco皿e clear through the exa 旧 ination of shrines and te 旧ples in Inagi − city , Tokyo . • Some of the " Syoushi " were built or repaired vhen fa田 ines and disasters struck ln the Edo period ・ The circumstance of the time affected architectural quality of the " Syoushi
doi:10.3130/aija.62.179_4 fatcat:zfquog4ysfbyxdyhlmfujmcvfa