Invisible Cell And Unfathomable Universe Demonstrates The Sovereignty Of God

Ahmed Raza*, Sahibzada Baz Muhammed
2018 Zenodo  
Every person in the world has some questions about the existence of universe and himself in his mind. In response to these, two thoughts are presented according to religious point of view. First, everything is created by Almighty God and second, materialists explain that whole system of universe is a coincident and it has a beginning out of Big Bang. The life was originated by a single cell and the first cell was originated spontaneously without any creator. In order to know about this fact, it
more » ... was essential to examine the structure of cell because initially it was thought the cell is only a balloon full of liquid. But by the help of latest science and technology, we know the cell is a miracle, having a very complicated system. The study of cell and DNA proves that it is impossible for it to come into existence by itself or by chance. This whole unique system is a witness that there is a great creator who has created it by His great wisdom
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1162240 fatcat:lfnlpdhax5ebddhy5y7tfhe5ui