Enhancing College Studentsr Autonomous Oral English Learning in the Network Environment

Chunmei Jiang
2018 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2018)   unpublished
College students' oral English proficiency and autonomous learning ability are emphasized as two extremely significant objectives of college English education. The popularity of network terminals like computers and mobile phones has revolutionized the way for college students to learn oral English. Research on English autonomous learning for college students in the network environment has gradually increased in China recent years, but they mainly take English as a comprehensive ability, few of
more » ... hem focusing on the autonomous learning of the individual language skills like speaking. This study investigates the present situation of non-English Major students' autonomous oral English learning in the network environment. Analysis of data collected by the questionnaire indicates that students' autonomous oral English learning ability still needs great improvement, motivation needs to be promoted, guidance and monitoring on the learning process is required and application of some meta-cognitive strategies should be strengthened. Optimizational suggestions are put forward in the end in the hope of providing some references for other autonomous learners, English teachers, schools and researchers. Keywords-oral English; autonomous learning; network environment I.
doi:10.2991/iccese-18.2018.136 fatcat:yhokivos75hvdpn7rylb6uus4a