Lumbo-sacral loads and selected muscle activity while turning patients in bed

1987 Ergonomics  
Handling pa tients in bed using a pique (a waterproof padded sheet placed under the patient) is associated with a high incidence of ri sks for the spine with, in particular, the activit y of pulling a nd turning the patient with the pique representing the highest ri sk. Fifteen female nursing aides were evaluated for compression and shear forces at the L5 jS 1 joint and for selected muscul ar ac tivities in the trunk and shoulders. Films, force platforms and EMG recordings supplied the d ata;
more » ... namic segmental analyses we re performed to calculate reaction forces a t L5/S I , and a planar single-musL:ie eq ui vaic nt was used to estimate in terna l loads. Different executio n parameters were examined including execution velocity, height of bed, directi on of effort, leg position and knee support. A 'free' task, and a ma nual task not in volving the pique, were also investigated. Recommend ati ons are made for red ucing spinal loading. The results also suggest that a change of directi on in the trunk motion may present some ri sks when associated with handling of heavy loads. Furthermore transfer of problems from a particular j oint to other joints is likely to occur.
doi:10.1080/00140138708965992 pmid:3678194 fatcat:kvsgka3sfrhyjoe6edpouvd4su