Global Optimization of UAV Area Coverage Path Planning Based on Good Point Set and Genetic Algorithm

Jinbiao Yuan, Zhenbao Liu, Yeda Lian, Lulu Chen, Qiang An, Lina Wang, Bodi Ma
2022 Aerospace (Basel)  
When performing area coverage tasks in some special scenarios, fixed-wing aircraft conventionally adopt the scan-type of path planning, where the distance between two adjacent tracks is usually less than the minimum turning radius of the aircraft. This results in increased energy consumption during turning between adjacent tracks, which means a reduced task execution efficiency. To address this problem, the current paper proposes an area coverage path planning method for a fixed-wing unmanned
more » ... rial vehicle (UAV) based on an improved genetic algorithm. The algorithm improves the primary population generation of the traditional genetic algorithm, with the help of better crossover operator and mutation operator for the genetic operation. More specifically, the good point set algorithm (GPSA) is first used to generate a primary population that has a more uniform distribution than that of the random algorithm. Then, the heuristic crossover operator and the random interval inverse mutation operator are employed to reduce the risk of local optimization. The proposed algorithm is verified in tasks with different numbers of paths. A comparison with the conventional genetic algorithm (GA) shows that our algorithm can converge to a better solution.
doi:10.3390/aerospace9020086 fatcat:un2k6agz7fb6ladoqai2ymkl5i