Microbial Function on Climate Change – A Review

Abatenh E, Gizaw B, Tsegaye Z, Tefera G
2018 Open Journal of Environmental Biology  
Greenhouse gases concentration is increased through time within different human and natural factors. Such as combustion of coal, oil and other fossil fuels, decay of plant matter and biomass burning. Now a day's climate change and global warming is the major problem in the world. It is damage (destroy) a number of biotic componets. It have also effect on microbial comunity stracture, function and their metablolic activity. In order to fi ght (compromize) climate change using a number of methods
more » ... a number of methods are listed here. For example, microorganisms and other biological componets have many potential role for mitigation by contribute forward response. Microorganisms have a wide function especialy used in greenhouse gas treatment and reduction through nutrient recycling processes. It act as either generators or users of these gases in a good manner. It provide to reduce environment hazards which is caused by nature and antropogenic activity. In overall biogeochemical cycles and climate changes are never see separately.
doi:10.17352/ojeb.000008 fatcat:pu7mzhexwvgljjzsgylhqdo2zq