The many roles of microRNAs in brain tumor biology

Jay D. Turner, Richard Williamson, Kaith K. Almefty, Peter Nakaji, Randall Porter, Victor Tse, M. Yashar S. Kalani
2010 Neurosurgical Focus  
Immediately after formation of the mature miRNA, the duplex is unwound and loaded onto the RNA-induced silencing complex, which ultimately carries out the silencing of target mRNA. The RISC is a trimeric complex composed of Dicer, TRBP, and a protein of the MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are now recognized as the primary RNAs involved in the purposeful silencing of the cell's own message. In addition to the established role of miRNAs as developmental regulators of normal cellular function, they have
more » ... n, they have recently been shown to be important players in pathological states such as cancer. The authors review the literature on the role of miRNAs in the formation and propagation of gliomas and medulloblastomas, highlighting the potential of these molecules and their inhibitors as therapeutics. Key WorDs • microRNA • glioma • medulloblastoma • cancer stem cell 1 Abbreviations used in this paper: miRNA = microRNA; npBAF = neural-progenitor-specific BAF; REST = repressor-element-1-silencing transcription factor; RISC = RNA-induced silencing complex. * These authors contributed equally to this work.
doi:10.3171/2009.10.focus09207 pmid:20043718 fatcat:3j4qo4okezc5jdhwav4ijsenzi