Lines of Renormalization Group Fixed Points for Fluid and Crystalline Membranes

R Lipowsky
1988 Europhysics letters  
Unbinding transitions of amphiphilic membranes are studied by a renormalization group (RG) approach. Both for fluid and for crystalline membranes, a whole line of RG fixed points is found. Each line consists of two branches: one branch describes complete unbinding, the other branch represents continuous unbinding transitions. The critical behaviour at the unbinding transition exhibits three scaling regimes A), B), and C). Regime A) is characterized by essential singularities, and regime B) by
more » ... and regime B) by parameter-dependent critical exponents. In regime C), a discontinuous transition with rather unusual scaling properties is expected by analogy with wetting transitions.
doi:10.1209/0295-5075/7/3/012 fatcat:nd6qgyerafdppg5lcruaebe3ui