Effect of Azolla pinnata on Seed Germination, Vigour Index, Biomass and Yield of French Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

G. S Tejaswini, S Mahadevakumar, G. R Janardhana
2015 Current Agriculture Research Journal  
A study was conducted to know the effect of Azolla pinnata collected from Hampapura of K.R. Nagar in Mysore district on seed germination, vigour index, biomass and yield of French bean. A total of four different treatments of earthen pots containing soil: sand: farmyard manure (2:1:1) amended with 10g (T1), 25g (T2), 50g (T3) and 100g (T4) of fresh Azolla biomass and pots amended with 10g (T 0 ) of Factamphos served as positive control. Pots without any supplement served as negative control. 10
more » ... seeds of French bean variety 'S 9' were sown in each pot and normal agronomic practices were followed. Seed germination was determined after eight days of sowing, and after every 15, 30, 60 and 90 days of sowing, vigour index, biomass and pod yield were determined. The results of the study showed that, high percentage seed germination (81.66%) was recorded with the treatment incorporated with 25g (T2) of Azolla biomass followed by 10g (76.33%), 100g (76.00%) and 50g (72.66%) of Azolla biomass respectively. Minimum seed germination percentage of 64.66% and 65.66 % were recorded in respective negative and positive controls. Significant increase in seedling vigour (VI) was recorded in all the treatments compared to controls. Pod yield increased in T2 followed by T0, T1, T3, T4 and untreated respectively after 90 days of sowing. The study showed that Azolla could be used as a supplement for other pulse crops for increased biomass and overall yield of French bean.
doi:10.12944/carj.3.2.07 fatcat:gt2onaylyvapjcbnnk3m7c46my