TFMLAB: A MATLAB toolbox for 4D traction force microscopy

Jorge Barrasa-Fano, Apeksha Shapeti, Álvaro Jorge-Peñas, Mojtaba Barzegari, José Antonio Sanz-Herrera, Hans Van Oosterwyck
2021 SoftwareX  
We present TFMLAB, a MATLAB software package for 4D (x;y;z;t) Traction Force Microscopy (TFM). While various TFM computational workflows are available in the literature, open-source programs that are easy to use by researchers with limited technical experience and that can analyze 4D in vitro systems do not exist. TFMLAB integrates all the computational steps to compute active cellular forces from confocal microscopy images, including image processing, cell segmentation, image alignment, matrix
more » ... displacement measurement and force recovery. Moreover, TFMLAB eases usability by means of interactive graphical user interfaces. This work describes the package's functionalities and analyzes its performance on a real TFM case.
doi:10.1016/j.softx.2021.100723 fatcat:qhpifev3gffghdiiqrnuzmwcdu