Structural Behavior of Hybrid Steel Fiber-Reinforced Ultra High Performance Concrete Beams Subjected to Bending
휨을 받는 하이브리드 강섬유 보강 초고성능 콘크리트 보의 구조 거동

In-Hwan Yang, Kyoung-Chul Kim, Chang-Bin Joh
2014 Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute  
This paper concerns the flexural behavior of hybrid steel fiber-reinforced ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) beams. It presents experimental research results of hybrid steel fiber-reinforced UHPC with steel fiber content of 1.5% by volume and steel reinforcement ratio of less than 0.02. This study aims at providing realistic information about UHPC beams in bending in order to establish a reasonable prediction model for flexural resistance in structural code in the future. The experimental
more » ... . The experimental results show that hybrid steel fiber-reinforced UHPC is in favor of cracking resistance and ductility of beams. The ductility indices range through 9.2 to 15.2, which means high ductility of UHPC. Also, the flexural capacity of beam which contains stirrups in pure bending zone is similar to that of beam which does not contain stirrups in pure bending zone. This result represents that the flexural capacity is not affected by the presence of stirrups whose spacing is 150 mm in bending zone.
doi:10.4334/jkci.2014.26.6.771 fatcat:eql7ozqjp5emxarx7bcuctyds4