Memoirs of the Scientific Sections of the Romanian Academy Tome XXXVIII, 2015 BIOLOGY ROOT ASSOCIATED BACTERIA-FRIENDS OR ENEMIES? A REVIEW

Gabriela Mihalache, Maria-Magdalena Zamfirache, Marius Ştefan, " Alexandru
Plant roots, due to their exudates, represent important ecological niches for bacteria, which can influence the plant growth by their both beneficial and deleterious effects. The positive effects of bacteria interaction with the plants roots consist in facilitating the nutrient uptake (N, P), producing phytohormones, enhancing their resistance to biotic and abiotic factors such as pathogenic fungi and bacteria, extreme temperatures, heavy metals, salinity. Regarding the harmful effects of
more » ... ia on plants growth, production of phytotoxins, competition for nutrients or inducing diseases or even plants death represents examples of mechanisms by which bacteria can affect in a negative manner the growth of the plants.